When will the coronavirus be cleared?

A deadly virus which has infected more than 100,000 people across China has been cleared in the country.

The virus has been linked to at least 13 deaths and is suspected of causing at least 30,000 new cases and 10,000 deaths.

More than 300,000 Chinese citizens have been affected, according to state media.

The death toll has risen to 883, with more than 7,000 reported cases, according the Xinhua news agency.

China’s Health Ministry said the latest tests showed the virus was contained and had been contained in the lungs.

China’s first coronaviruses vaccine was approved in December.

The country has been struggling to contain the virus for the past two years, with authorities struggling to control a wave of coronaviral cases and deaths.

It is also still unclear whether the coronivirus can be spread to humans, which could have serious implications for China’s economy and its ability to control outbreaks.

Health officials said Friday that there were no new cases in the capital Beijing, which is home to about 90 million people.

The government has ordered hospitals and schools to open on Sunday.

A government statement said the country had received an average of 5,000 cases per day for two weeks, compared with about 10,500 cases per week in February.

“China has a high incidence of coronovirus, especially among children,” the statement said.

Experts say the number of new cases is likely to climb over the next two weeks and continue to climb for several months.

Officials have warned that the virus could return within a week.

Last month, China announced a ban on the sale of all tobacco products, a move which may affect some smokers.

On Friday, the China Daily newspaper published an article warning that Chinese citizens could become infected with a new coronavore-related virus that is not related to the new coronoviruses.

In the article, the Global Times newspaper wrote that the new virus could be introduced as a novel coronavire and is already being tested on animals.

Chinese officials said a coronavivirus case was registered on Friday in the southwestern city of Dalian.

Since the pandemic started in China last year, it has killed more than 8,000 and sickened more than 6 million people, according at least one report.

While coronavviruses are spread by contact with infected people or infected animals, the spread of the virus can also be carried on surfaces, which means it can be passed on by the environment.

This is especially the case with the coronas that are spread in the air or the water.

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