How to prevent your cold virus symptoms from getting worse

You may have heard about the coronavirus outbreak, but how exactly does it start?

This infographic provides a little history of the virus and how it’s spread.

It also provides tips for dealing with symptoms.1.

It’s not as cold as it looks The cold virus causes mild to moderate symptoms, such as fever, cough and runny nose.

But it can also cause severe respiratory and cardiovascular complications.2.

You’re more likely to catch it if you have a warmer climateThe warmer air can increase your chances of catching the virus.3.

The virus is spread via contaminated clothingIf you wear a jacket, hat or pants made from a material that could spread the virus, it may not be as contagious as it is in the cold.4.

You may not get it if your symptoms last for more than a few daysThis is particularly true if you get a cold for days.

You might not be able to feel your pulse, your temperature or your eyes.

It might also mean that you have been in a hot environment for days or weeks.5.

There are more ways to spread the cold virus than just wearing clothingIf a friend or family member is infected, you could spread it by sharing a cold or cough, sneezing, touching surfaces, or sharing towels.

You could also spread the disease by coughing, coughing or sneezes.6.

It may take more than just a cold to spread itYou can also spread it via contact with a close friend or relative.

If you or your family member coughs, sneeze, or coughs in public, you might spread the infection by touching surfaces.7.

It is possible to become infected with cold viruses in the UK if you live in the MidlandsThe UK is the only country where the virus is confined to England, so you may catch the virus even if you don’t live there.

But if you do, you’ll be at increased risk of getting it if: you’re a migrant or migrant-led refugeeIn the UK, a person infected with the cold or influenza virus could be infected with more than one virus.

If they live in a migrant- or migrant -led refugee host country, they may not need to be tested for the virus in the first place.8.

You should wash your hands before sharing them with anyoneIf you do get colds, there are some precautions you can take.

These include: washing your hands with soap and water after touching surfaces (unless you’re doing it for hygiene reasons), washing your face after using the bathroom, washing your eyes after using a mirror or using a washcloth, and wiping down your face and body after touching a contaminated surface.9.

Your risk of contracting the virus depends on where you liveIf you live near a major city, you’re at a higher risk of infection if you’re in the city’s crowded tourist areas.

You can also be more at risk if you work in an area where the temperature is lower than normal, or if you’ve recently been in the hot, dry climate of the Midlands.

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