A woman’s life saved by an HIV test

A woman in Mumbai was saved from an acute viral hepatitis C outbreak thanks to a DNA test.HIV test results from Mumbai, India.

The woman was tested on Monday.

She was positive for the virus and was transferred to an inpatient unit for treatment.

She said the test was simple and fast.

“I’m not used to having tests done at home.

I am really happy that my family and friends helped me get tested.

I had to get my results by myself,” she said.

A test in the early stages of an acute hepatitis C infection is a simple and quick test.

It’s also the only one that can be done at your home.

This is the case in Mumbai.

The city was hit with an acute outbreak of hepatitis C, as the virus spreads rapidly through the air.

The city has been declared a state of emergency for the next two months as the city continues to battle an acute virus outbreak.

Health Minister Keshav Prasad said at a press conference on Monday that all health services in Mumbai are open, and that all the facilities have been set up for treating the patients.

He also said that the city has the highest number of acute viral infections in India.

The test came as the state government announced a pilot programme to test HIV patients.

The plan aims to help reduce the number of deaths from the disease.

“We have decided to initiate the pilot programme for the first time in Mumbai in an attempt to decrease the death toll from hepatitis C and other viral diseases,” Health Minister Prabhjot Singh Sidhu said.

The pilot programme will be launched in seven villages in the city, which is one of the largest cities in the country.

The government also announced a plan to ensure that all HIV patients in the state are screened and treated by trained healthcare workers.

The National HIV/AIDS Control Organisation said that in the past few months, more than 50% of HIV patients have been tested for the disease, up from 25% two years ago.

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