China to ban use of mac virus removal cream, disinfectant

China will ban the use of a popular anti-chicken virus cleaning product after an outbreak of infections among the country’s poorest citizens.

In an announcement posted on the countrys government’s microblogging site Weibo on Monday, the Ministry of Health said that mac viruses are “infectious” and should not be used as a disinfectant or other products.

Mac viruses can be transmitted from person to person, the ministry said, warning that the spread of the virus is “extremely contagious.”

According to China’s State Administration of Health, a total of 1,400 people have died from the coronavirus outbreak in China, the majority of them from coronaviruses.

Macs are a type of virus that infects bacteria and other viruses, which is why they are so contagious, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said in a statement on the government’s Weibo account.

The countrys ministry of health said it will issue warnings on the sale and distribution of mac-specific products to raise public awareness about the risks of the mac virus and its possible spread to people.

Mac disinfectant products have been widely used in China since 2012, and are widely used for cleaning homes and other public buildings.

The government has also set up a national laboratory to test for Mac virus and to distribute free testing kits to people infected.

The ministry said that the outbreak in Beijing was “extremely common” in the city, which has a population of roughly 20 million people.

It also urged people to use personal protective equipment, such as masks and face shields, and to be vigilant during any potential outbreaks.

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