How to protect yourself from a coronavirus outbreak

When you buy a new phone, your phone may be infected with a virus.

That virus could be causing you to contract a new type of illness that could prove deadly.

The virus could lead to pneumonia or death.

It could be fatal if not detected and treated.

If you buy one of these phones, you should also check the phone’s battery to see if it has been damaged.

If you do find damage, then the phone may not work properly, or you may need to return it.

This is not a virus that is harmless.

It can spread to other devices in your house, and it can even infect your pets.

You should also consider taking the phone for a battery test to make sure it is still charging and the phone is working properly.

When you buy your phone, it may also have been affected by a software update, so make sure you have a backup of the software you are using before you buy.

Callers to the ABC’s RN Breakfast on Monday morning were greeted with an urgent message from the ABC.

“You have been advised that the phone has been found to have an update to an older version of the virus known as the virus-specific virus,” the message read.

What to do if you have an older phoneIf you have one of the older phones, it is important to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Make sure to take the phone out of the packaging and put it in a safe place.

Do not leave it on a desk or table for a few hours.

Clean the area around the phone with a soft cloth and wipe with a paper towel.

Put the phone into a safe location to make it more difficult for it to spread the virus.

Call your local Health Protection Authority (HPPA) or a GP to check if the phone will be accepted for treatment.

Check the phone if it is missing or damaged.

Call the Health Protection Authorities phone line and ask for help to make a complaint.

Call 000 to report a problem.

If it is not your phone that has been infected, you can get rid, too.

Remove the phone from the packaging by placing it in the packaging, then placing the phone in a paper bag or small box, such as a backpack.

Cover the phone and put the bag in a cupboard to keep the virus out.

If the phone was not removed from the package and the virus is still there, it could be spreading.

Clean the phone thoroughly.

If there is still a virus in the phone, remove it.

If not, clean the phone by putting a damp cloth or paper towel under the phone.

Apply some water to the inside of the phone to wash it off.

Wipe the inside with a damp paper towel, and if it still has virus, then put the phone back into the packaging.

Remove the plastic cover, then lay the phone on a flat surface.

Take the phone apart and put into a plastic bag or a paper box.

Put the bag into a cup and put in a dry place.

Take a damp piece of paper towel and rub it under the top of the bag.

Put a damp sheet of paper over the top to keep it from sticking.

Put some paper towels on top of it to keep out the virus from getting inside.

Put more paper towels over the bag to cover it.

Keep the bag covered for a couple of days, and put some of the contents into a container.

Remove all the contents of the container.

Put it in your car and drive it to a clean garage.

The virus is not spread in the air if you leave it out in the open.

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