How to get the latest news from the coronavirus pandemic in India

India has recorded its worst-ever coronaviruses case toll, with the country now at over 1,100 new infections.

The country is bracing for another coronaviral pandemic, with at least 6,000 new cases reported, with an estimated 1.6 million infections.

While there have been no deaths from the pandemic yet, it is already affecting the economy.

According to the Indian Statistical Institute, the number of new infections has reached 1,621, with 1.3 million deaths, up from the previous year.

India’s gross domestic product (GDP) has fallen for five consecutive quarters, and the country’s gross social product (GSPP) is also at its lowest level in decades.

The government is expecting an economic slowdown in the coming months, but a new survey of Indians suggests that the current situation will be alleviated with a little help from China.

According to the survey, by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, China is the leading source of imported rice in India, and is the second largest rice exporter after India.

India imports 90 percent of its rice, and China imports just 20 percent.

While China has been trying to increase the value of rice exports, India is not willing to do so, with only 16 percent of rice imported from China being processed into food, the report said.

In the survey results, India was ranked fourth in the world for rice exports to China, behind only the United States and Vietnam.

India also led the world in rice exports from the United Kingdom, followed by Japan and Germany.

China is India’s biggest trading partner and its rice is crucial to the Chinese economy, as the country has a growing appetite for rice.

However, with India’s economy still struggling to recover from the devastating effects of the pandemics, there is concern that China will continue to export rice at a lower price.

The survey also revealed that India’s rice imports from China have been growing for the past two years.

India has imported a total of 4.9 million tonnes of rice in the past year, an increase of 12 percent compared to the same period last year.

However there has been a sharp decline in rice imports, which was the first drop in two years, according to the report.

The report found that India is the third largest rice importer in the World after China and Brazil.

While India imported 7.2 million tonnes in the last year, Brazil imported 5.5 million tonnes, with a record amount of rice being sent to India.

India’s rice consumption has dropped in recent years due to the pandics severe impact on the food chain.

According, to the UN, India has consumed 7 million tonnes less rice per person since 2007, due to a combination of factors, including a severe drop in rice production, reduced availability, and increased food price.

However the report suggests that this reduction has been offset by increased consumption of cereals, as rice is a staple in the Indian diet.

While India’s current coronavivirus crisis is being treated with great urgency by the government, many people are also struggling to cope with the challenges of living with this new virus.

The Indian government is also trying to stem the flow of foreign cash to the country through a tax on foreign bank accounts.

However this plan is not working, and many Indian farmers are finding themselves facing a financial crisis.

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