When will the next virus hit?

The world is getting ever more interconnected and more interconnected are our devices.

With smartphones, smart watches, and tablets, we have the ability to communicate, connect, and share our lives.

While there are no plans for a pandemic, many people are starting to get worried that we might not be prepared to handle a massive wave of new viruses.

While this might be a little scary at first, we need to think about the next pandemic in a few different ways.

First, there’s the virus definition.

The word “pandemic” is used to describe an event that has been predicted to cause a global crisis.

So, if we have a pandemics, it’s something we can expect to see.

The second way to think is that a pandema could have a huge impact on society, such as the spread of communicable diseases.

It could lead to widespread public health issues, such that people are not able to travel or work, or it could lead people to start to get vaccinated, which would make it easier to protect people from the pandemic.

In addition, the virus could cause a mass migration of people from one place to another.

The third way to consider is that we needn’t worry about a pandemia because we have so many people, so it’s not like the next epidemic will come and wipe us out.

In fact, it could be that the next wave of viruses could be mild, or the next strain might be harmless, and we can continue to enjoy our lives and socializing.

In fact, even if the next global pandemic doesn’t come, we might still be able to live a more normal life in a less dangerous place than before the pandemias happened.

The more people that live together, the less likely they are to spread diseases.

The next pandememic could come from the same source that brought us the virus, which is the Internet.

If the Internet can’t help us deal with a pandemate, we can start to think of other ways to interact with one another, such a social media app or podcast.

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