Aussie phone virus fears are ‘not realistic’

There’s still a chance a new coronavirus strain will jump into Australia this year, and the virus fears have been “not realistic”, according to a survey of Australian phone carriers.

Key points:The survey was commissioned by the phone industry and found that Australians are not concerned about new coronovirus strainsA survey by mobile phone company Phones 4U found that 75 per cent of Australian customers have not yet had to get tested for the virusThe poll was commissioned last month by the mobile phone industry, and was carried out between January and March.

In the survey, more than a third of Australians were unsure about the possibility of an increased coronaviruses strain and almost half of respondents had been asked if they had received a phone call from someone they knew who had been infected.

But that wasn’t the case when the phone company commissioned the survey.

The company conducted the survey to ask about their experiences with the virus, and in a survey released on Tuesday, Phones4U said that the results were not as surprising as they might appear.

“Despite our experience, we are concerned about the new coronivirus strain, and this is largely because of our experience of having been contacted by people who have had their phones tested and found to be infected with the strain,” the company said in a statement.

“Phones 4 U is confident that the numbers in the survey are accurate and that the number of Australians who are currently receiving a call from a potential new coronavia strain will be reduced by as much as 50 per cent over the next few weeks.”

Phones4 u has a number of research studies in the pipeline to find out more about the potential new strain.

One of the key research studies looking at the possibility that the new strain might jump into the country is underway by researchers at the University of Adelaide and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

This is the second time in two weeks that the National Centre for Immunisation Research (NCIR) has confirmed the possibility for a new strain of coronaviral, called Ova17.

Last week, the NCIR announced that the first known case of Ova18 was confirmed in Melbourne, and it has been found in a man from Western Australia.

While it has not been confirmed, experts say the latest case is a potential cause for concern.

“Ova18 is a novel coronavarid and is likely to become more prevalent and more lethal as the pandemic progresses,” said Dr. David J. Kowalczyk, a senior associate at the NIAID.

“It is an unusual strain and it could also spread rapidly from person to person.”

The study also found that more than 70 per cent people were either not or were not concerned at all about the coronavira.

Phones and phones4 u says that the average person who has had a phone tested for Ova is currently receiving two calls a day from people who had contact with a possible new strain, or a potential case.

The results of the survey also found a large number of people had not yet received a call back from someone who had had their phone tested.

However, the survey was also carried out by Phones Australia and Phones Network Australia, which are both owned by Telstra.

The telco has not yet revealed whether it will test its customers for OVA18.

Telstra is the largest provider of mobile phone services in Australia, and is responsible for more than 80 per cent in-house testing and diagnosis of coronavia.

Phats4U has also been working with the NBN to find ways to reduce the number and spread of cases.

“Our customers are already receiving calls back from people they know have been infected with a new virus, but we’re not yet sure if this will be the case this year,” the mobile carrier said in the statement.

“The best thing we can do right now is to make sure that as many people as possible are tested for new coronvirus.”

We’re also working with industry to try and make sure the cost of testing is reduced and there’s a better way of identifying those who need to be tested.

“The survey also asked respondents whether they had seen or heard of any other recent cases of OVA17, OVA-18, or OVA.

Only 25 per cent had heard of this strain of the virus.

While the majority of people who were tested for this strain were either unsure or had not been tested, one in five respondents reported seeing or hearing about a case of this new strain in the past year.

More to come.


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