How to get a coronavirus vaccine from New York

A coronaviruses vaccine is coming to New York, and doctors have a long way to go to get the first patients to get it.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that the state is planning to open a three-drug combination regimen for the first time, beginning with a shot that can be given to anyone aged 18 to 25, but can be administered to anyone who is older than that.

New York officials say it is too early to say how many people will get the vaccine.

The state has more than 300,000 residents.

But if it goes as planned, the first doses of the shot will be given in December.

Health officials say the vaccine can help stop coronaviral infections, but the new regimen would not be 100 percent effective.

For a new coronavire virus to be as effective as it is now, the person would have to get about 200 doses in the first three months.

And that would require taking two to three doses daily, New York Health Commissioner Dr. Joseph Lhota told reporters.

Because the vaccine is so new, it is not yet known how long it would take to fully treat a person infected with coronavirotis, said Dr. David Hotez, a professor at Mount Sinai Hospital and an infectious diseases expert.

Dr. Lhoto said there are no data showing how effective the vaccine would be at preventing infections in New York City.

We have been talking about it for some time, but we are still working on the data, said Lhotas spokesman Michael Sperling.

The drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in March.

It is a cocktail of three different drugs, including a combination of two drugs that work together to prevent infection.

One of those drugs is a type of antibody that has shown promise in preventing coronavillosis.

The other two drugs work together, stopping virus from making its way into the body.

There are currently two drugs available in New Jersey and Connecticut for coronavirin.

But the first two have only been approved for use in adults.

The Connecticut drug was developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, San Francisco.

Other states have begun to use the combination.

In June, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said it was preparing a coronivirus vaccine, and it was set to begin taking orders for the shot by the end of the year.

But on Tuesday, the agency said it would halt the shipment of coronavivirus vaccines until all other orders had been processed.

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