How to find West Nile virus in your pet

How do you know if your pet is getting the West Nile Virus?

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a pet that’s not being tested.

But for dogs, there’s a certain level of care you can take to be sure that your pet hasn’t been exposed to the virus before they come home.

That’s the message from the American Veterinary Medical Association, which is urging pet owners to be vigilant for West Nile.

Here’s what you need to know:1.

West Nile viruses can be transmitted through the air.

They’re not spread through the water.

They spread by direct contact with the saliva of infected animals.

In humans, the virus can be passed from mother to child through direct contact.

This is how the virus gets on a person’s skin.

It can also be transmitted to an infected animal through droplets or water droplets.2.

Dogs can be infected if they’re not immunized against the virus.

If your pet has been vaccinated and you’ve been doing routine care to keep your pet safe, the pet could be getting the virus from an infected dog or dog owner who hasn’t gotten their dog immunized.3.

West Niles can be contagious to pets and humans for up to seven days after being shed.

That means your pet can come into direct contact, or be exposed to your pet’s saliva, or both, for seven days.

If you get sick, your pet may get sick even more quickly, and you may not be able to see them for at least a few days.4.

If a pet is bitten by a rabid animal or bitten by another pet, the West Nile virus can remain in the pet’s blood for up, 10 or more days.

The virus can also stay in the animal’s tissues and muscles.

If the animal doesn’t get sick within five days, it’s not contagious.5.

If an infected pet gets infected, they will be contagious for up for seven to 14 days, even if they don’t get any symptoms.

This means your dog may be contagious up to 14 to 30 days after the animal is bitten, even without a rash.

This happens because West Nils cause the immune system of the animal to attack the infected animal, which can lead to severe inflammation and tissue damage.6.

Dogs may need to be immunized for up 20 days after coming home from a dog show to prevent the virus becoming active in their bodies.

They also need to get a shot for the virus at least twice a year.7.

Pets can spread West Nilles virus to other dogs, cats and humans if they eat raw or undercooked meats.

It is extremely contagious and can spread from dog to cat.8.

Pets that get West Nilies can become very contagious.

A pet may become infected and become contagious for a couple of weeks, then the virus will not be visible for a few more weeks.

It may appear that a pet’s symptoms have subsided, but they’re still infectious and can become a serious problem.9.

Pets with West Nilces can be more contagious than those with West Nile if they get bitten by an infected person.

They can be exposed while in a vehicle, at a party, in the backyard or on a beach.

The person will often come into contact with them, but the virus may stay in their body for up the next day or so.10.

Some people with West Ills can get the virus in their mouths and throat, but others don’t.

If they’re exposed to it, the risk of spreading it to others is very low.

This includes pets and people with no history of West Nile or other diseases.

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