How to prevent measles from spreading to the US

A measles outbreak in the US has killed at least nine people and infected as many as 1.2 million others.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the outbreak started in March and is linked to Disneyland in California and the Disneyland Resort in California.

It is the worst measles outbreak since Disneyland was built in California in 1957.

The outbreak has killed 12 people, including two Disneyland employees.

The second death occurred in Ohio on Saturday.CDC Director Dr Thomas Frieden says the US is still struggling with the spread of the virus and is not ready to declare a public health emergency.

“This outbreak is an enormous challenge that we are dealing with, one that is unprecedented,” he said on Tuesday.

“But the number of cases in the United States is so far in excess of the number we are seeing in other countries, that we cannot take it lightly.”

The only way we can make progress is to continue to make sure that people are protected, that they are vaccinated and that we do not put the health of Americans at risk.

“The US has the third-highest number of measles cases in Europe, behind Sweden and Denmark.

More:Dr Frieden has warned that the vaccine is not working, and says people should stay home from schools and work in places that have been closed.

He also said the virus was now spreading rapidly through the US, and that it could be around the corner.

The virus was first identified in December 2016 in Ohio, and it has since spread to other states.

Dr Friedan says there is no vaccine yet and that there is a “real risk” of the outbreak spreading.”

We need to keep an eye on the spread.

We need to have a vaccine that works, that is safe and effective, and we need to use it as soon as possible,” he added.”

That is why it is imperative that we have the full cooperation of the vaccine makers and their partners.

“The outbreak in California is the first since Disneyland opened in 1957, and the first to involve a non-medical worker.

The Disneyland resort has not said how many people have been infected, but officials say some may have been at work in the park.

There were reports that a woman in her 60s died of the disease on Monday.

More about measles, pandemic, US, danish, US capital source Googlenews title How is the pandemic spreading in the UK?

article The UK has become the first country to announce the death of a man in the middle of the pandemics spread.

The man, identified only as David, died of complications of pneumonia, according to a post on the NHS on Tuesday afternoon.

He was in his early 80s and lived in a small village in East Sussex.

The health service said he had suffered from pneumonia and had not been receiving medical treatment.

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