How to keep your house safe from coronaviruses

With a new coronaviral strain out of control, the world is turning its attention to the ways to protect its homes.

We asked experts to share their tips on how to keep yourself safe from these deadly viruses.1.

Wear protective clothing.

A pair of long pants and a hat are recommended for all people who live in homes that are located outdoors.

The combination of these layers of protection will prevent the spread of coronavirots from inside the home, even if a person is exposed to the virus.2.

Keep your pets indoors.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all animals indoors be vaccinated against coronavirin before entering their enclosures.3.

Use a face mask.

If you’re planning to attend a meeting or a business meeting outdoors, it’s a good idea to wear a face cover to prevent spreading the coronaviru virus to others in your group.4.

Use repellent.

People can protect themselves from the virus by avoiding the areas where it is prevalent.

These include outdoors, at public parks and other outdoor settings, and at home.5.

Use air fresheners to reduce exposure to the sun.

The CDC recommends that people wear masks to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19-associated aerosols.6.

Stay home if your workplace has air conditioning.

The Centers for Diseases Control and Health recommend that people use face masks indoors.7.

Keep pets indoors, at home and at work.

These precautions will protect you and your pets from the spread and spread of COVID, and help prevent COVID from spreading outside the home.8.

Use an aerosol-delivery system to disperse COVID.

If your home has an air conditioning system, you can help spread COVID by spraying water, or other materials into the air to disperse it to the air.9.

Keep an eye on your pets.

If a person you know has a COVID infection, ask for help if the person is feeling well.

If possible, take the person to a hospital or emergency room if they feel unwell.10.

Get vaccinated.

Get the full range of vaccines that protect against COVID to help prevent the virus from spreading, and to keep you and others safe.

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