How to get tested for coronavirus in China

China’s Ministry of Health has ordered hospitals to collect a total of 4.5 million blood samples from patients who are at risk of contracting the coronaviruses coronaviral illness, the country’s health ministry said on Friday.

The ministry also said it is launching a new initiative to track the virus through the Internet.

Coronavirus is a virus caused by coronaviroids, and the latest outbreak has sickened nearly 6.3 million people worldwide, mostly in China.

The coronavid outbreak has been linked to a surge in cases of the disease in other parts of the world.

Coronacovirus has spread rapidly through China, causing the death toll to exceed 2 million.

The health ministry’s announcement came hours after it warned of the “biggest pandemic since the Second World War.”

It said the outbreak could spread quickly to other parts in the world, including Australia and New Zealand, and blamed China for “providing the main base for the spread of this pandemic.”

“The virus is spreading to other countries and has spread to other cities, which will lead to a major outbreak,” it said.

Corona virus illness is the most common form of coronavrio.

The coronavids are among the most deadly viruses and are believed to have been first introduced to the U.S. in 1976.

They are spread by the bites of infected fleas, ticks, and birds, and can cause pneumonia and death.

In some parts of China, coronavoids have been found in blood samples collected from patients, and coronaviolosis has been found at levels as high as 10 percent in people with elevated viral load.

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