What to expect from Mers virus: How does it spread?

By Ben GoesslingBy Ben GoESSINGFever virus has a few ways of spreading, and they’re all in the news. 

We’re all familiar with the symptoms of Mers. 

The fever is usually mild, but can also be extremely severe and deadly. 

A person can get it by coughing or sneezing and if the fever doesn’t go down within hours, it can be fatal. 

If the fever does go down, you can still be infected with the virus, but if it does, you have the potential to die. 

Here’s how it happens: Mers can be spread via aerosol droplets or aerosols, which can be aerosolized into the air or onto surfaces. 

So you have this little, fluffy, sticky, white material that looks like the droplets of a liquid. 

As a result, it goes up in the air and eventually it can reach your face. 

It’s usually a little sticky. 

And the people that are infected can cough or sneeze and that can get aerosolised into the aerosol. 

This can spread the virus into the lungs and bloodstream. 

Then it can then get into your nose and then into your mouth. 

Once you have Mers, you don’t have the same chance to recover, because you’re now contagious.

So, you are at the mercy of the virus. 

But there are some ways you can be protected against Mers as well.

The first is that the virus isn’t airborne. 

Because it doesn’t have a surface to spread it through, it doesn�t travel. 

That means you have no way to get rid of the infection. 

There are ways to prevent the virus from spreading. 

First, keep your coughs and sneezes under control. They don�t kill you. 

Second, don�tee keep the virus in your nose, mouth or throat. 

Third, avoid touching your face or eyes when you are infected. 

Lastly, don’t expose yourself to people who are contagious. 

Finally, you should be vaccinated if you are in close contact with someone who has been infected.

Mers can also spread from person to person through the air. 

To prevent the spread of the Mers infection, you must wear masks and wear gloves when handling aerosols or aerosol-containing items. 

People who have contact with you while you are infectious can transmit the virus to you.

It’s a bit like a contagious disease.MERS is highly contagious.

But it is very unlikely that you�ll get it. 

Even though the virus is highly infectious, people are going to be much more cautious in what they do. 

You are more likely to spread the infection if you�re exposed to people you know well. 

Being in close proximity with someone infected is very dangerous. When you�ve got someone who is infected, you might not have any control over them. 

I�ve been at this for three months and I�ve never had a case. 

Mostly, it�s happened when I�m sitting at home with someone that has had contact with me. 

In a way, you�d have to be careful if you were to go out with a stranger.

So you should stay away from people you don�ve ever met, especially if they�re infected.

There are a lot of ways to protect yourself against MERS. 

MERSVirus-Related Safety Tips:You can wear a face mask when you handle aerosols and aerosol products, but it�ll make you more contagious.

A few things you can do to protect your skin from getting Mers:Avoid touching your skin if you have any signs of infection, especially those of a cough or a sneezy cough. 

Don�t wash your hands or your face after touching the aerosols. 

Avoid touching the nose of someone who�s infected.

Avoid touching anything that has a small amount of aerosol particles on it.

Avoid using any aerosol equipment, such as aerosol sprays, in the presence of someone infected.

If you�m in a car, make sure you are wearing a mask when driving. 

Do not leave your car unattended in the car and if you can�t go outside to clean your car, call a doctor.

Avoid riding your bike in public. 

Be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes on the road, not your face in the distance.

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