Which nipay virus cases have India recorded so far?

6,000-odd new cases of the nipayan virus have been reported in the country so far, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said on Tuesday.NIAID said that it had recorded 2,898 new cases from July 10 to July 13, bringing the total to 7,069 cases so far this year.

The latest figure, a little more than a week after it was first reported, was more than one-fifth higher than the 7,038 new cases that were recorded in the same period last year.

Nipayan has infected over 500,000 people in India, according to figures from the World Health Organization.

It is spread by direct contact with the skin or mucus of infected persons, the spread of respiratory viruses or by sharing contaminated water or food.

It is also known as the nippingah virus and was first detected in Kerala in July 2014, but has spread rapidly across the country since then.

With nearly two million cases recorded, India’s national total of nipayn cases is nearly 50 times higher than that of any other country.

India recorded 3,976 new infections last year and has recorded an estimated 7,700 new infections this year, a rise of almost 70 per cent compared to the same time last year, according a report by India’s National Crime Records Bureau.

The NIAID data shows that while Kerala recorded nearly 3,500 new cases, Gujarat recorded just over 1,000 and Bihar about 1,400.

Kerala recorded 573 new cases last year while Gujarat recorded 515.

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