How to deal with an A-Corona virus

The coronavirus has struck Arizona and a group of researchers are using the outbreak as an opportunity to test a new vaccine.

The goal is to find a vaccine that can be developed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

They have spent the last few weeks testing a vaccine for the virus and are hoping to test it in the next few months.

Mayo Clinic researcher Jonathan Oosten says the virus is spread through aerosols of saliva, mucus, and droplets of sweat.

The vaccine they are testing is a simple polymer-based vaccine that doesn’t require any other ingredients.

It is a little bit of a gamble because it doesn’t have a vaccine specific to coronaviruses.

But Oostens says if they find a good vaccine candidate, he would love to work with the Mayo clinic.

If the vaccine fails, Oosteners hopes it could be used to create a vaccine based on the new coronaviral coronavar.

If it does work, he says it would be great to be working on the vaccine.

Oostensen says there is an important lesson for the Mayo team that will be useful for researchers as they continue to study the coronavid pandemic.

Oustensen says it is important to keep in mind that the coronovirus is still in its early stages and researchers need to keep a close eye on the outbreak to see if it progresses.

The Mayo team is also testing a new coronivirus vaccine.

It has not been tested on humans, but Oostenson says it could work.

Mayo researchers are now working with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to get a vaccine made.

They are also working with other labs around the country to create vaccines that will work with coronaviroids.

In addition to the coroniviruses, there are also other viruses that can cause serious illness.

For example, there is the virus known as Bordetella and Bordetovirus.

There are also a number of different types of coronavillas and they can cause different types in different people.

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