‘Corona virus’ spreads to India, Philippines, Japan and Indonesia – NYT

New coronavirus cases have reached the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Monday, with coronaviruses being found in three more countries.

The agency reported the first case in Malaysia on Monday, and said a second case was found in Indonesia on Tuesday.

The first cases in the Philippines came from a person who was infected by the coronaviral variant of the virus.

The Philippines has reported over 4,000 cases, according to the CDC.

The second case in Indonesia was confirmed after a 21-year-old man from Jakarta was hospitalized in critical condition after being exposed to the virus, the CDC said.

The third case in the United Kingdom is the first in the country since February, when a British man was diagnosed with the virus and admitted to hospital.

The case in New Zealand is the second reported in the state in as many days.

The outbreak in the U.S. is being driven by a new strain of coronavaccine-related virus called CPEV-19.

CDC director Tom Frieden said it is not yet clear whether the virus is spread through contact with body fluids or food or whether it is spread by direct contact with people or animals.

The CDC’s director said the agency will have to monitor the spread of the new virus, and work to determine how it will be tackled. 

“We have had a number of cases in our community,” he said.

“This is the latest in a long line of outbreaks.

It will require a robust response by the federal government and local governments.” (AP)

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