How to stop the stomach virus from infecting your smartphone

There’s no need to panic.

Although you might not feel sick when you go to bed, you’ll be less likely to succumb to a stomach virus than you would be if you had been infected with the virus in the first place.

This is because, unlike with the flu, the stomach can’t infect your brain, making it easier to avoid infection.

So even if you’ve been infected, it’s unlikely that you’ll contract a virus, or even become ill, from your phone.

Read more The most important thing to remember is that your stomach virus won’t affect your brain.

Your stomach is still there.

It’s not a brain parasite.

The brain is still alive and functioning.

It doesn’t need the stomach to function.

That means that even if your stomach does go into a state of infection, you won’t be at risk of developing the brain virus.

You won’t need to worry about having a brain infection, but you should be wary of getting too much on your phone while you’re out and about.

The most effective way to avoid getting sick from your stomach is to avoid touching your phone, including taking pictures or videos.

If you’ve already had a stomach infection, or you’re worried about having one, your doctor may suggest avoiding any mobile phones in your house and keeping them away from children, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems.

Avoid eating anything hot and steamy While some stomach viruses can affect the stomach, the most common form is called gastroenteritis, which can cause gas or diarrhea.

This usually means you have to take a cold medicine.

Some people who have been infected by gastroenterics may feel better for a few days, but it’s important to keep a warm washcloth handy for the first couple of days.

The best way to get rid of the gastroenteric virus is to use a cold or flu medicine called a flu shot.

You can get the flu shot at a pharmacy, or in a hospital.

It is a safe and effective way of preventing stomach virus transmission.

The flu shot also provides some protection against the brain, as it can cause flu-like symptoms.

It should only be taken once a month, as there’s no guarantee it will protect against the virus.

What if you’re in a hurry?

Some people think it’s easier to stop getting sick with a stomach or stomach virus if they’re not worried about their stomach virus getting in.

This could be the case if you: eat more food and drink less water

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