SARS-CoV-19 Deaths More Than Doubled in China, Officials Say

China has reported the first cases of coronavirus-CoW-19 in mainland China, raising fears of a wave of infections that could spread to other countries.

In a statement, the World Health Organization (WHO) said at least 17 people have died of coronas and coronaviruses in China in the past 24 hours, and more than 400 have been hospitalized.

The number of cases in the capital of Beijing is also up by 10 percent from Thursday, the Chinese news agency Xinhua said.

The virus is spreading through infected air travel, a lack of adequate disinfection measures, and a “very poor” control system, the WHO said.

China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency said the country has a population of about 30 million, and the virus is “highly spread.”

The WHO said the number of confirmed coronaviral cases in China has jumped by more than 300 percent from a year ago to more than 100,000.

In July, a coronavirin test showed a high level of antibodies to the coronavirevirus in a sample of Chinese people, the most in the world.

The World Health Organisation says the country is still fighting the virus.

The U.S. and Britain have said they are working to boost vaccination coverage and to strengthen controls, while China has been working on boosting its response to the virus and to boosting testing.

At least four people have tested positive for the coronovirus, the CDC said Thursday.

China’s Ministry of Health said it has been monitoring and controlling coronavillosis cases and is “prepared for a potential outbreak.”

The country has not reported any new cases of COVID-19, and health authorities have not said how many people are currently infected with the virus, Xinhua reported.

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